License Terms

Desktop License

A desktop or print font license is a basic, standard font license that applies to most of the typefaces that come on your computer or with any other software you install.

E-Pub/Publising License

You can use an ePub license to embed the font in an electronic publication such as an eBook, eMagazine, eNewspaper, or interactive PDF.

Monetized Social Media

Use our fonts for the promotion of blogs, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other
platforms without limits.

Extended License

The Extended license includes all permitted uses under the Standard license, does not have any limits on the number of copies, prints or displays and allows you to use the downloaded File for the creation of Items for Resale or Items for Free Distribution in which the File plays a major role in the item and adds value to it.

Webfont License

A webfont license allows you to embed the font into your website, so that it can be displayed on any browser. You will be serving the webfont kit for your own site and linking it in the CSS.

Studio License

Solution for businesses, studios, design shops, schools, and other organizations. This license takes it to the next level for multiple people collaborating and working together smoothly.

Server License

A server license is required for sites, web apps, or services that allow a non-licensed user to
utilize the font to create a product (for example, personalized t-shirts, PDF receipts,
business cards, and pictures with captions, et cetera).

App or Game License

This license type when you are developing an app for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, and
you will be embedding the font file in your mobile application’s code. Unlimited
installations of one app title across all platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Broadcast License

The field of broadcasting includes services such as public radio, community radio and public
television, and private commercial radio and commercial television.

Logo License

Using a font for a trademark logo means incorporating a specific font or typeface into a design that will be used to represent and distinguish the goods or services of a business from those of other companies.

National Corporate License

A type of moderate size business, company, enterprise or organization located throughout a country and provides commodities, goods, products or services. A national company is part of a national economic system.

Wordwide Corporate License

A global corporation, also known as a global company, is coined from the base term ‘global’, which means all around the world. It makes sense to assume that a global company is a company that does business all over the world.